How to use Box Blades

How To Use Tractor Box Blades

box blade How to use tractor box blades, lets first explain what the tractor attachment box blade is used for. A box blade is a tractor attachment that is used for moving dirt from one place to another while at the same time filling in holes in the surface along the way. Box blades are also great for moving around gravel, curshed asphalt and other materials. A lot of box bades come standard now with double sided blades which allows box blades to not only pull materials but to also push materials. For compact tractors, box blades feature manually adjustable ripper shanks or teeth, that can be positioned to stay out of the ground, or to penetrate the ground a few inches depending upon your particular needs.

Leveling out rough terrain is made much simpler by a box blade, with its dual cutting edges you can use the boxed in front section to gather your dirt and transport it to the area that needs work. Once at the work site, you can lift the box blade a few inches off of the ground to allow the dirt to be leveled out, and it will also fill in low spots for a smoother surface. The rear cutting edge helps when you need to push dirt up to the side of a building or tree, this makes the box blade perfect for many common jobs that tractor owners take on.

Box Blade Sizes

box blade Most common box blades range from 48" to 84" there are a few exceptions, but most compact tractors would have trouble working with a box blade wider than 84", and anything smaller than 4 feet would be very inefficient. Box blades are commonly found in 48", 60", 66", 72", 78", and 84" increments, depending upon the manufacturer.

When properly sized to a tractor, a box blade rarely breaks, due to the common practice of buying one heavy enough that the tractor doesn't have the power to use it beyond its strength.

Tractor Box Blades For Sale

EA Xtreme Duty Compact Tractor Box Blade

The Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Compact Tractor Box Blade is designed to fit and perform perfectly on Category 1 subcompact and compact tractors up to around 35 horsepower. These box blades provide you with all of the best features such as a clevis style hitch, solid welded A-frame, heavy duty adjustable 3 hole ripper shanks, dual reversible and replaceable US made cutting edges and extra plates of steel on the leading edge for wear prevention. We go the extra mile to provide you with the best box blade for your compact tractor. Order Now

XTreme Duty Box Blade For Utility Tractors With 30-70 HP

Everything Attachments offers this one of a kind box blade built to last longer than your tractor, all of our attachment knowledge goes into each and every one of our designs. All of our box blades are designed and manufactured here in Newton, NC, and to the highest quality we could put into it. Order Now

Category I & II Severe XTreme Duty Box Blade For Tractors with 50-75 HP

The Everything Attachments XTreme heavy duty box blade is built to last for years to come. The body of the box blade is constructed from 3/8" thick steel, and welded (not bolted) for maximum strength. The curved back on the box blade forces the dirt to roll over and helps fill up the cavity for better performance, and is 1/4" thick steel. The front and back reversible cutting edges are made in America.Order Now

Tractor Box Blades How To Videos

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